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Persuadables®: The Key To Increased Results for Your Brand
We believe in Persuadables, the people most likely to be influenced by your marketing message. If you understand your Persuadables better than your competitor, you have a marketing advantage.

Your product may have mass appeal or a narrow focus. Either way, there is a select segment of people who can make a difference for your brand.

We seek out Persuadables, explore their perceptions of your category, learn what they want, and uncover potential strategies for your brand.
Who Partners With Us and Why
Brand managers, agency planners, and marketing directors partner with us because they know we deliver high quality while working with tight timelines and budgets. We’re smart and effective. We’re pragmatists who seek solutions which work with you and your brand wherever it is in its life cycle.

For Marketing Directors, brand owners, and consultants, we offer category insights via Attitude, Awareness, and Usage studies, brand tracking, concept testing, segmentation studies, and more.

For Advertising Agencies, we offer pre and post awareness studies, category perception studies, help with new business studies, creative testing, and concept testing.
Who We Are
We are researchers who understand that you need insights to drive decisions which increase sales. You need to know that the information is accurate and reliable. You need to gather this information fast and not cripple your marketing budget.

We’re here to help.

We provide actionable insights that give brands a marketing advantage, and we’re known for our ability to provide high quality research while working with tight timelines and budgets.
Marketing Strategy
Our clients come to us to accelerate growth. We help you understand your existing and potential customers in ways you might not have imagined. The answers are found in carefully executed market research carried out by true experts with years of survey design experience.
Solution Experts
Our Solution Experts, including PhD. level researchers, provide high level analytics and market research consulting. Their sole purpose is to solve business challenges at a strategic level, as well as provide tactical advice anytime. They get to know you and your products personally to provide the best results possible.
Professional Project Management
Our exceptional Research Project Managers, working closely with our Solutions Experts, do it all, from getting quality sample, to crafting the right questionnaire, to customizing reports. From simple quick online surveys to complex projects with heavy analysis and statistics, we've got you covered. Our client list and testimonials speak for themselves.
Competitive Pricing
We offer personal service, expert solutions, and professional reports at a competitive price. Many of our clients find us through Word of Mouth, which means a lot to us.
Request for Proposal
Click here to send an RFP to our Solution Expert Team. Better yet, call them now. There’s no risk, no charge and no strings attached.