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Marketing Advantage Through Actionable Insights

We believe in Persuadables, the people most likely to be influenced by your marketing message. If you understand your Persuadables better than your competitor, you have a marketing advantage.

What We Do

We understand that insights impact decisions, which impact sales. We collect actionable data you can rely on to give you the marketing advantage you need.  Save money and time with professional research.

Who We Work With

Brand managers, agency planners, and marketing directors partner with us because they know we deliver high quality while working with tight timelines and budgets.

How We Do It

We are a team of professionals with a wide range of talents and skills who are dedicated to your success. We get to know you and your business to provide exceptional service.

What Sets Us Apart

We can't wait to meet you! Our friendly and professional staff are ready to amaze you.


Methodologies are the “tools of the trade:” the different methods we use to uncover and explore data. Persuadable Research can help you determine which methods will be most effective in achieving the insights you’re looking for.

Our Core Strengths

Every company is really good at some things, but can’t be great at everything. The following survey types are the areas where we have the most experience & expertise. These are the reasons our clients keep coming back.

Advanced Analytics

Beyond a basic research study, Persuadable Research can provide a deeper look at the data with advanced analytics. These research tools can help uncover the specific insights you’re looking for.

Case Studies

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Our Clients

You are sure to recognize many of the names on our growing list of clients. Please click on them for more information. We work with all clients from all industries!

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