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Our best-in-class analysis, solution experts and market researchers deliver full service online research, not full service prices. Our high-tech structure is a powerful alternative to the old line, big overhead, research companies and we eliminates the concerns of doing it yourself. From software to brain power we drive growth, solve complex marketing issues, and turn marketing problems into Persuadable® opportunities.
Top global panels of all types…consumer, business, healthcare and other special panels. Scalable online research services and flexible pricing. Online quantitative and qualitative research. Research experts who provide the best council. Complex survey programming and hosting. Online focus groups. Online bulletin boards. Online focus group recruiting. Outstanding moderators. Social Media Monitoring. Telephone call out. Hybrid studies. Analysis within our client’s own database of customers. Sophisticated analytics. Great reports. All fast and responsive.
Our clients come to us to accelerate growth. Simply put, consumers must be persuaded to buy. What’s blocking them from being Persuadable®? The answers are found in marketing strategy, brand strategy, and penetrating market research. We consult before we charge. We find solutions before we launch.
Our Solution Experts, including PhD. level researchers, provide high level analytics and market research consulting. They come to us from respected firms like IPSOS, RoperASW, Maritz, Kantar, Nielsen, BBDO and Campbell Mithun. Their sole purpose is to solve business challenges at a strategic level, as well as provide tactical advice anytime.
Click here to send an RFP to our Solution Expert Team. Better yet, call them now. There’s no risk, no charge and no strings attached.
We employ the most sophisticated online survey software to accomplish the most difficult research projects. Yet, we can compete with the smallest of research firms. We are scalable to your needs.
  • Your complete survey sample needs are quickly met with just one call to Persuadable Research.
  • We have global survey sample, national, regional, and local markets...B2B too!
We use advanced technologies that makes online qualitative research easy for you. Online focus groups and online bulletin boards can save weeks of time when there are multiple projects, and online focus groups and online bulletin boards eliminate travel saving thousands of dollars of expense. You can depend on Persuadable Research for expert guidance every step of the way. We are the online market research company on which you can truly rely.
We provide accurate and affordable telephone market research for companies who are looking to gather data that will propel them ahead of their competition.
We offer personal service, expert solutions, and research deliverables that are tops in the industry...and at a competitive price that has our clients talking.
We make it easy and inexpensive to survey your own panel of customers or employees.
We provide complimentary charts and tables making research results easy to see and understand. These table and charts can be quickly inserted into a PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you will get a Project Summary that includes methodology and questionnaire information with summary results.
Our exceptional Research Project Managers, working closely with our Solutions Experts, do it all, from getting your sample, to crafting the right questionnaire, to customizing reports. From simple quick online surveys to complex projects with heavy analytics and statistics, we've got you covered. Our client list and testimonials speak for themselves.

Persuadable Research An Online Market Research Company

Persuadable Research was founded in 1995 as an online market research company that everyone could afford. Driven by innovative technology, and fueled by a great staff, Persuadable Research quickly earned a loyal following, especially among agencies, PR firms, and consultants who recognized the importance of hiring a market research company that has experience and integrity.

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